The right pair for the right occasion

Three for one

Our 3-for-1 is core to standing up for what we believe in. Forget the days where you’re stuck with settling for only 1 pair of overpriced glasses to wear every day. Now you have a choice! Pick your 3 favourite pairs of glasses and never compromise. Customize them however you want, so you’re never left needing more.
“This is the first time I have ever had more than 1 pair of glasses. I can’t believe I am able to have both prescription sunglasses AND 2 different styles of glasses to pick from every day. I feel like I have it all!” (T. Vargyas, Chilliwack, BC)

Free eye test

Don’t know your prescription? Don’t fret! Whenever you are ready to purchase new eyeglasses, we will do a complimentary eye test to ensure we make the most up-to-date glasses for you. This is available at any of our locations with no appointment needed. Whenever you’re ready, a knowledgeable associate is ready to help you find some Great Glasses.

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