Your glasses are an extension of yourself and therefore choosing frames that accentuate your personality and livelihood. Of course, looks and styles come and go, and a style that you were comfortable sporting is now one you’re looking to upgrade. Modern eyeglass designs now offer individuals in need of spectacles a plethora of choices to choose from. Choose not only the colour of your frames but the weight of the frames and the price. If you’re undecided on which frames you want for your next pair of glasses, here is a quick guide to help you make your decision.


Plastic Frames:


Plastic frames are ideal for individuals looking to convey their personalities and attitude through colour. Not only will you be able to choose the shade of your frame from the colours of the rainbow, but you will also be making a cost-effective purchase. Plastic frames are also designed to feel light on your face; you may even forget you’re wearing glasses with this lightweight solution. Plastic frames, particularly frames that utilize cellulose acetate propionate, are perfect for individuals that are susceptible to allergic reactions, as the properties in cellulose acetate propionate are hypoallergenic.


Approximately 80 years ago, eyeglass manufacturers began making eyeglass frames out of nylon as it was not too expensive, and they were light. However, the composition was not nearly tough enough to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday life, and many of these frames were prone to warping and destruction. Today, eyeglass manufacturers use a blended composition of nylon which is designed to endure the events of everyday life. Due to the technological advancements of nylon, glasses can now be made for individuals that routinely engage in physical activities (i.e. athletes, labour workers, etc.) and can be designed to wrap around your head offering you increased peripheral vision.


Metal Frames:


Metal is an incredibly popular material for individuals that need new glasses. One of the metals that are frequently requested is Monel. Glasses made from Monel metals are malleable and are corrosion-proof.


Titanium is also an incredibly popular solution because it is built to withstand heavy forces of pressure, all while sporting a lightweight structure. These glasses are manufactured to appear modernistic and boast traces of colour. Titanium is ideal for people that react negatively to most kinds of metal.


Stainless steel is also favourable for many people because of their featherweight design and substantial durability. Since stainless steel frames are manufactured without nickel, these frames are ideal solutions for individuals that may have allergenic reactions to specific metals. The price for stainless steel frames is a cost-effective option, and because these frames often contain traces of chromium, the properties in this element will prevent your lenses from corroding and hot temperatures.


For certain individuals, finding frames that are made of metal can be tough due to high skin acidity; someone that produces high volumes of skin acidity may end up corroding their eyeglass frames. If you are afraid of ruining their frames because of their skin, Beryllium is an exceptional choice. Beryllium is also an amazing choice for people that spend a lot of time in and around saltwater, as saltwater tends to tarnish most metal eyeglass frames.


Another prominent metallic option for eyeglass frames is frames composed of a titanium admixture called Flexon. The reason these frames are an increasingly lucrative choice is that they boast the highest degree of durability compared to any of the metal frames previously mentioned. These frames can be manipulated and wrapped without the fear of them snapping and will return right back to their original form.


Plastic and metal are the most prominent materials used for eyeglass frames in the world; however, they are not the only materials available. The following materials are ideal for people looking for a distinctive and unique style.


Other Materials


Although these specific frames did not boast tremendous levels of comfort, frames made from solid silver will give you a sleek and elegant design that will accentuate your professionalism and style.


Not commonly seen in modern society are eyeglass frames composed of wood. However, these may be the exact frames you need if you’re in the market for a fashion overhaul or distinctive fashion. One downside to wooden frames is that they don’t boast the best durability and tend to be quite brittle, making it the least desirable option for people that partake in high-performance activities. For a beautiful multi-coloured patterned frame, frames composed of buffalo horns are ideal. Buffalo horn frames also react to your body heat and begin to warm the longer you wear them, making them an especially unique style for eyeglass frames.


Leather frames offer a very intriguing style because they are seldom seen in stores or on the face of people you pass by on the street. Typically, leather is only used on frames to cover your temples, but if you’re looking for a style that virtually no one is sporting, leather offers you a very unusual yet refreshing look.


Switch and Swap


As previously mentioned, your eyeglasses are an integral part of your life and therefore owning pairs that make you feel self-confident and comfortable are significant priorities. Your feelings towards your frames may change over time, which is why we’re here to assist you in choosing frames that you will be proud to wear, at a cost that works for you. If you have an interest in many different styles, you should perhaps invest in multiple pairs of glasses and designate certain glasses for specific occasions. Read more about why you should own at least three pairs of glasses! For more information on selecting eyeglass frames, contact Great Glasses 3 for 1, today!